Female Lizardfolk Rogue of the Kess tribe


Her legs are incredibly lean but musclular, and her feet are disproportionately wide. She’s sensitive about it, but it help makes her a really great swimmer, and she’s learned to move more silently, being lightweight and flexible.
She’s otherwise about as homely looking as most lizardfolk adolescents. Like all females, she has the neck flap. Her dry skin is a greyish green; a more bland colour than you would expect from someone her age.
swimming (racial, and body-type benefits)
Weak-willed (susceptible to mind control (racial)
Thick Skin/AC bonus (Racial)
Poison resist (racial)
tracking (upbringing)
sneak/stealth (newly self taught)
theivery/stealing/pickpocket (newly self taught)
Survivalist/scavenger (newly self taught)


Lizardfolk tribes operate under communism. Everything is shared so that no one is left behind, resource-wise. Personal possessions do exist though, to a degree; Designated shelters, personal trinkets, clothing, etc.

Relationship with Apada and homeland: Never much contact, but always watched from afar. Fascination without disrespect. Age difference made it hard to contact. When they left, so did Sis. Apada tried for weeks to convince Sis to go back to the tribe, but no budging. Apada, for Sis’ sake, tries to get away from Sis, hoping she’ll get the message and go home. Sis is captivated with this new world she’s discovering though, and never plans to go back.
Basically this is why she left:
Sis: “I want more!”
“You have just as much as everyone else”
Sis: “But I want more than others”
“You have enough, we all do.”
Sis: ‘K well fuck that I’m outtie. If Apada can leave, so can I. I’m going somewhere I can earn my own shit and keep it’

History: Sis grew up in the tribe without much explanation of Apada.
“We treat that one differently”
“Because they’re different”
Sis left the tribe only a day after Apada did. Never having even thought of it as a possibility, when she saw them do it, she was inspired. She found Apada at the nearest town. There, she learned a lot:
1. Theivery to stay alive and make sure she has more than she needs.
2. Apada is not as welcoming and happy to see her as she thought they’d be.
3. Pants exist and they’re fucking incredible, though she has to work on her tailoring skills. Until then, a shabby hole will be good enough for her tail in any pair of pants she manages to steal or buy with stolen coin.
Following Apada town to town over the next few weeks, her skills honed, and Apada disapproved. Finally Apada tried to lose Sis while she was sleeping. Sis, like all in her tribe, knew some things about tracking, and managed to find out that Apada went to Port Mantao.

Port Mantao is the biggest city she’s been to, or even seen. Petty theft in small towns and villages is one thing, but this is huge. In her mind, it’s a goldmine opportunity.

Relationship with world: Having never been physically caught or punished for her theft, she’s smug and doesn’t take the law seriously.

She collects for the sake of collecting. She just likes to own things, but she’s not that strong so they’ve gotta be small and light. Different spools of thread, wires, tiny trinkets that might be worth something, and as much coin as she can find.
She doesn’t get to do it much, but she really loves swimming. She’ll jump at any opportunity, and it’s one of the things that makes her get a bit carried away with glee.
She’s so fucking into wearing pants and will never wear anything billowy again, as long as she can help it.


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