Welcome to Port Mantao! You and your compatriots are new in town, you’re all fairly new to the adventurer lifestyle and heard that the large river town was looking for more able bodies to take on odd jobs for the city. Like most large cities, in many areas it’s bustling and loud, full of markets and workshops, but take the wrong turn down an alley and you’ll quickly stumble upon some of the lesser upkept and policed districts. The buildings seem to change every block, some made of stone, others wood, some with large heavy doors, others with so many tiny levels you aren’t sure what creature could fit in it. Many seem to be inhabited, with thick plumes of smoke spewing from the chimneys or a roccus group celebrating beyond it’s windows. The markets sprall past the courtyards, as many of the nearby homes are also places of business. In the distance you see the peaks of various churches and government buildings loom over the commoners. The denizens of the port are even more diverse than the landscape, Orcs and Elves, Wolfkin and Centaurs all live, sometimes begrudgingly, side by side. The city is both a safe heaven and a place of neutrality from the many border disputes and racial squabbles that spread across the land. The City Guard do their best to keep the city peaceful and prosperous but they only have so many hands and some citizens don’t believe as heavily in the ideology of peace as others.

Shortly after you arrived in town, you gave your names to the City Guard as hopefuls for work. You come to town with little experience, little possessions, but lots of excitement for the journey ahead.

Port Mantao

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